PhpMyCodeGenerator and PhpMyCellScript


PhpMyCodeGenerator is a code generator framework, which allows you to create code generators as PHP functions and provide input to the code generators through an Excel/Calc file. PhpMyCellScript allows you to write programs directly in Excel/Calc.

Project News

2015-03-01 - PhpMyCodeGenerator 2.25.0 Released
2013-11-10 - PhpMyCodeGenerator 2.24.0 Released
2013-03-07 - PhpMyCodeGenerator 2.23.0 Released

Some Use Cases

  • Generate UML sequence diagram. [Screencast]
  • Sort SQL via programmable find and replace. [Example]
  • Generate code based on DB schema.
  • Generate HTML/XML based on spreadsheet data. [Example]
  • Generate simple static web pages, like some pages in this site.
  • Update a Word document - fill placeholders. [Example]
  • Extract news headlines. [Example]
  • Define regex-based grammar to parse custom doc comments. [Example]
  • Automate a browser to test a web site. [Screencast]
  • Control and test a command line program. [Example]