Class DynamicVariableExpandedStrings


Used by PhpMyCellScript addons to request the interpreter to expand strings dynamically.

The logic of the request process:

  1. The interpreter calls an addon instruction method with a new DynamicVariableExpandedStrings object.
  2. The addon instruction method requests to expand strings through the DynamicVariableExpandedStrings object, then returns control to the interpreter.
  3. The interpreter expands the strings requested, then calls the addon instruction method again.

Located in /PhpMyCellScript/DynamicVariableExpandedStrings.php (line 16)

Method Summary
void addExpandedString (string $string)
void requestToExpandString (string $string)
addExpandedString (line 49)

Add an expanded string.

void addExpandedString (string $string)
  • string $string: the expanded string.
getExpandedStrings (line 60)

Get the expanded strings.

  • return: the expanded strings.
array getExpandedStrings ()
getStringsToExpand (line 41)

Get the requested strings to expand.

  • return: the strings to expand.
array getStringsToExpand ()
requestToExpandString (line 33)

Used by an addon to request the interpreter to expand a string.

void requestToExpandString (string $string)
  • string $string: The string.

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